WRBLS to bring stylish and individual Apple Watch sport bands to Kickstarter

Are you bored with Apple’s single color Sport Bands? Well here are something cool and stylish upcoming that could juice up your experience. WRBLS International, a newcomer to the Apple Watch scene, will be launching their Kickstarter campaign soon and enter the market with unique collection of Apple Watch bands.



The first wrbls collection featuring three different lines catering to practically all needs: Urban Stylers, Business Casual and Sporty.

The urban stylers line includes trendy and hip bands featuring unique designs that make you stand out from the crowd. The business casual line consists of bands coming in a classy and timeless design intended to be your perfect companion during your day at the office or the night out. The sporty line combines fresh and young colors with bold patterns which turns into bands that perfectly suit casual and sporty outfits.


The company aims at providing quality when it comes with materials being used. High-performance silicone polymer will be used as base material for its extremely resistant, water and sweat repelling, tear-proof and durable nature, combining with a state-of-the-art pin-and-tuck closure system. The result is a perfectly fitting and easily swappable band – made for every occasion. Here are a gallery of what you can expect from the team.


Honestly speaking, I always use my Sport Band as I sweat a lot and swap between different colors pretty often to match with what I put on. But single color is monotonous, boring and not vivid. WRBLS opens up and leads the market with stylish and fashionable options for Sport Band lovers. I am personally highly anticipating this product to come onto my wrist, and can’t wait to show you guys if it happens.


More info

Check out the cool promotional video of WRBLS bands below and keep an eye on their launch on Kickstarter next Wednesday (10th Feb). You can also head over to their Facebook Page or official product site for more pictures and details.

Edit: The Kickstarter campaign has started here!

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