Apple spy app: How to find the right spying app for an iPhone or iPad? [Sponsor]

People love to peek into others’ lives—well, it’s their business and we wouldn’t talk about . What we want to talk about is that they are not doing it the wrong way, and by saying that, we mean that no crappy or useless apps are used for this purpose. We want our readers to spy like effectively, and that’s why we want them to go with something that has tons of features and is compatible with almost every iOS device. To find the right Apple spy app, there are 4 important elements that are to be considered:


The first thing is the compatibility that every potential iOS spy user needs to look at. If you are getting an app that’s not compatible with your iPhone or iPad, then it would simply mean dumping your money. If you want to save yourself of this trouble, you can simply get XNSPY that is compatible with every iOS device that is running iOS 6.0 or higher. Also, you need to check if the app is compatible with iOS devices or not. You don’t want to get an Android app for your iOS device, do you?


If you have successfully been able to find a compatible app, then you need to know if it’s worth your money by looking at its features. A detailed walk-through of the target app’s features is necessary as it determines the potential power and potency of the app. For instance, XNSPY can monitor calls, SMS, emails, internet browsing history, calendar entries, contacts under the basic version, but if you want GPS tracking, then you would have to go for their premium version.


What’s needed to be considered in-relation to features is the pricing. For example, if you look at Flexispy, a very well-renowned smartphone monitoring app, then you would know that it has a lot of amazing features, or maybe not many, but still, it has many features. But those features don’t come without a price. Flexispy starts from $30/month, while comparing that to XNSPY, it starts at just $8.33/month. So make sure you reconcile the features with the pricing to effectively decide your iOS monitoring app

Jailbreak or No Jailbreak

Another very important aspect of finding the right spy app is decide whether to go for jailbreak monitoring or without jailbreak. A simple rule of thumb can be used to sort this out. If you want to spy on more features off an iOS device and can access that device for manual installation of the spy app, then Jailbreak apps are what you should be going for. But if you can’t access the target device or jailbreak it, then you would have to resort to a “No jailbreak” solution. Don’t worry, you can use the iCloud version of XNSPY, it’s very effective and affordable.

Well, these are just a few intricacies involved with finding the right Apple spy app for your target device, make sure you take all the aforementioned pre-requisites into consideration to save yourself the trouble.


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    nice post 🙂
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