Rumor: PP hinted a jailbreak is more likely to happen on iOS 9.2

It has been months lacking a jailbreak for the latest versions of iOS and we have been talking about speculations and rumors for a while already. Yet, there is any good news from anywhere on a release even hackers showed a private working jailbreak.

We have been keeping eyes on anything related to jailbreak, especially news releases from the sources in China such as 3K Assistant and 25PP, who are partners of the famous TaiG and Pangu jailbreak teams respectively. After reading through a few articles, it seems that the 25PP editors might have hinted something in the lines.

Just a little disclaimer here, we cannot assure you such information is really a hint or purely our speculation and interpretation as no one has ever come out and confirmed what they meant. But still, we would like to share with you how we see about it.

On Tuesday, 25PP reported on the iOS 9.2 battery status glitch on their site. (The screenshot on the left below). But meanwhile, at the end of the article, they highlighted in red that “iOS 9.2 continues to be glitched, no wonder why the jailbreak teams dare not release the iOS 9.2 jailbreak”.

This statement highlighted invited speculations that either: iOS 9.2 “had” already been jailbroken by any of the Chinese teams but they refrained from releasing it due to major glitches on iOS 9.2; or: it is just another excuse to delay the release of the jailbreak as no one has succeeded, or is still being worked on. ios 9.2 jailbreak possible hint

Two days later, another editor reported on the iOS 9.2.1 vs 9.2 speed test on iPhones done by EverythingApplePro. But again, in the last paragraph (as highlighted in the screenshot on the right), the writer commented from a jailbreak perspective that:

“The security patches in iOS 9.2.1 may have fixed some jailbreak exploits. So if you are still interested in jailbreaking, it is no harm to stay with iOS 9.2 to wait and see. Because after all, iOS 9.2.1 does not add any new functionality comparing with iOS 9.2.”

Again, we could not tell whether or not this serves as a hint to all users that it is still good to stay at where they are, either on iOS 9.2 or earlier. But honestly speaking, there is no obligation from any of the editors to relate these news with jailbreaking. So we agree what Gordon Kelly from Forbes reminds in his latest article , you will need to sit tight for now.

So what’s your take on the above? Do you see there are hints pointing towards a likely iOS 9.2 jailbreak instead of 9.2.1 or 9.3 and a kind reminder to jailbreak users to stay with iOS 9.2? Or do you see it’s a pure wild guess to a future or upcoming jailbreak? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. 7trongbass says:

    I’d love to see the tool in the world, good luck to all the teams working on it.


  2. redpandadev says:

    There has never been a (new) public Jailbreak for anything less than whatever the current release is, unless there is already a jailbreak for the latest public iOS. Therefore, it is the most likely scenario that if a Jailbreak release happens it will be for the latest available iOS (as of today, 9.2.1). Additionally, it has be extremely rare to release a Jailbreak when there is a beta version of iOS still in testing. It is standard practice to wait.

    Bottom line: the next public Jailbreak release will most likely be for 9.3.

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    1. Boobookittyfuck says:

      Wrong, 6.1.3 fully untethered came out months after iOS 7

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  3. Matt says:

    I truly appreciate all the sites following the progress of the jailbreak. Most of the time they do nothing but keep reporting the same news. Although this is something new picture it is nothing more than something from Dan to give us false hope. Although the post above was wrong I get what he is saying. Some people like me just get so frustrated but at the end of the day we can’t do it ourselves so we have to appreciate the work you put in. We have no idea in knowing what is going through the minds of the jailbreakers and what obstacles they are facing. It is the safest thing for them to stay silent on what they are doing because I’m sure Apple has people to follow the progress of jailbreaks and if they were to update progress it would be fixed as fast as the jailbreak teams discovered exploits. Thank you for your updates but sadly it is no true progress.😟


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