Review: Montecelli Venture Black Apple Watch Cuff Band

Happy New Year folks! Sorry for belated post and review that I promised to you guys for quite a while. I have been really busy and unhealthy and things get better today so I decided to sit down and chase back what I needed to do.

So in 2015, we brought to you two different Apple Watch Cuff band reviews, one from Hoco which is a nice knockoff for Hermès, and the other one handmade from Bologna, Italy. Both have been staying well with me for a while, for both work and formal social networking occasions.

However, recently I have fallen in love with a new Cuff Band I received – the Venture Black from Montecelli Bands in the United States, and I have been wearing it since the first working day of 2016.

Name: Venture Black Apple Watch Cuff Band
Seller: Montecelli Bands
Leather, Steel, Nickel, Beeswax
Country of Origin: United States
Hardware Color: Silver / Gray / Gold / Rose Gold / Steel / Black
Price: $169.00

Again, this is a handmade leather Cuff Apple Watch band that attracted my attention over hundreds choices on the internet. Proudly hand-crafted by our leather artisans in Wasilla, Alaska, the band is a cut from 5 ounce genuine leather and hand-dyed with a beautifully distressed finish.

Certainly you will find the imperfect and unsmooth surface on the front and at the back. At the front, the bands are hand-dyed in the color you opted for (black in this review). There is an apparent vestige of dying on the leather and it looks more obvious upon usage. This is actually not a bad thing for those who likes the band to go wear-and-tear and ages naturally.

On the back side, you will find significant evidence of hand-dying, along on the raw leather service. What’s great is that there is a marking of the name of the designer and workshop – Montecelli, in which the other buff bands could have lacked of. The inner texture is raw but comfortable to skin touch.

This modern Cuff is adapted to allow the heart rate sensor to stay in contact with the wrist with a precise cut-out on the 2.5mm thick leather band. It also includes hardware finishes that matches with the Apple Watch, including the adapter, buckle and even the decorative studs along on the longer bands. And in my case, it’s all Space Gray. This is a really nice feature to have that makes the whole thing looks harmonized and unified.

My overall impression to the band after wearing it for two weeks is positive. It is comfortable, durable and stylish. I really could find any similar design at least in my region that makes my Apple Watch stands out from the crowd.

As the craftsmen will craft for your wrist specifically, your made is made-to-order so it will take approximately 3 weeks to be shipped. So be patient if you decided to order one which I highly recommend you do. Check it out on Etsy now and you will also find different finishes that fits color options of the Apple Watch Cases.

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  1. Lesley says:

    Thank you – nice review!

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