Monochest Unboxing and First Impressions

Belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone!

On the last day of 2015, we are going to present you with a great upcoming product for 2016 from our long-term partner, Monowear, named Monochest.


Designed in California, Monochest comes with a compact and slim design, scratch-free inner micro-fiber protective interior that keeps your Apple Watch and bands well protected. It acts as:

  • a nice and neat charging organizer on your desk that displays up to 4 Apple Watch bands beautifully and charges your Apple Watch simultaneously.
  • a perfect travel case on the go that is designed to be easily folded like a booklet

Monochest is capable to carry 1 closed-loop, 3 open loop bands including 1 that is attached to your Apple Watch for charging. Setup cannot be any easier. You can snap in your beloved Apple Watch of 38mm or 42mm, and watch bands of any form, both closed and open looped, any sizes, lengths and textures. For the charging cable, just attach it to the back of Monochest as shown below.

Quality is solid and good. The leather surface is comfortable to touch. The magnets are strong so that the bands won’t fall out by accident. The cut-outs and band trays are precisely done and smooth that it won’t hurt the cable and bands. Even though there are rubber flaps that blocks the bands from falling along the trays, the bands could sometimes fall out. However, the soft micro-fiber inner surface of the cover will keep it from any possible scratch.

The experience of using Monochest has been pleasant. I can put all my Monowear bands into Monochest, place it on my desk, close the lid and keep the watch and bands protected from any potential hits, and open it again to show off the beautiful bands to family and friends.

Overall speaking, Monochest is a well-designed, innovative product. It is a great choice to be added to your Apple Watch accessory inventory. To learn more about the unboxing process and my first impressions, make sure you also check out the fresh unboxing video below. Stay tuned with us and Monowear website for the product release details soon!

Edit: Monowear is still making some improvements to Monochest, including thicker flap to hold thin watch bands better and some cosmetics fixes.

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