Dome takes rival on Apple’s Magnetic Charging Dock

Dome is an elegantly designed and clutter free Apple Watch and iPhone charging dock that seamlessly combines the inductive charger of an Apple Watch and the lightning cable of an iPhone.


Weight: 235 Grams
Width: 12cm Diameter
Height: 2cm
Material: Aerospace Grade, T6061 series alloy
Finish: Color Anodized


It is precisely machined out of a solid piece of aluminum alloy, features in unsightly wire storage solution and adjustable lightning dock position for best clutter-less experience. Setup appears to be extremely simple as well.


There is also a super premium option that you can opt for – a truly unique Dome Charging Dock with over 1000 individually hand-seated Swarovski crystals – provided that you cash in five thousand bucks for it.


In my opinion, the concept is great; the material used is premium; the price tag is competitive and Dome does offers a bit more than what Apple’s Magnetic Charging Dock for the Apple Watch, which lacks a lightning solution for an iPhone. Certainly there are cheaper options on Amazon but there is no guarantee that the build quality will come close with Dome.



I would really love trying out this nice product. However, there is less than 3 days left for their Kickstarter campaign but the funding merely passed 35% of their desired goal. If you are interested, head over to Dome’s Kickstarter project page to check out the full details and pledge your support for $59.

Edit: Kickstarter funding unsuccessful.

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