CharSpace: an Apple Watch band, a charger, an external storage, and a data cable, but not a battery pack

CharSpace is a new and interesting conceptual, multifunctional Apple Watch accessory under crowdfunding on Indiegogo.

Screen Shot 2015-12-20 at 9.32.34 PM

It is said to be an elegant and stylish watch band that fits users charging needs for the smartwatches on the go. Users can charge the smartwatch directly with an iPhone, iPad, Android devices, Windows phones with an micro-USB port, or a laptop with USB ports.

CharSpace 4

CharSpace comes with built-in memory ranging from 16GB to 128 GB which you can load contents onto it via the companion app which is compatible with iOS, Android and Windows.

CharSpace 2

My personal opinions are that, the concept is interesting. It does serve multiple purposes. But none is something I really need from a functional Apple Watch band.

CharSpace 5

Unlike ReserveStrap that the watch band acts as an external battery pack for the Apple Watch. So practically speaking, it is more important to have more juice on the smartphones or laptops but not using it as an power source. People would prefer having bettery preserved on the phone as it is much more useful that the smartwatch in many ways.

Additionally, I could easily turn on the power-saving mode on my Apple Watch to run through a long day when the battery level is low. I can also easily carry nice juice pack like Amber and Nomad Pod that solve the first world problem. Hence, CharSpace band cannot help me eliminate the need to carry extra battery pack but instead add power burden to my iPhone 6s Plus, even I could run for more than a day without charging it.

Nevertheless, I would really love to try out the product in person that may be able to change my perception. If you are interested, Check out CharSpace on Indiegogo page and also the concept video below. Let me know what you think about CharSpace in the comments.

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