Pocket by Unity is more than a multifunctional Charging Dock for Apple Watch

Since Apple Watch launch, we have reviewed two different Apple Watch charging device and multiple charging docks. All of them are very cool in my opinion but recently I came across Pocket, a 6-1 Charging Dock for Apple Watch really caught my attention.


Pocket consist of 6 parts – iPhone dock, Apple Watch dock, cable manager, Apple Watch protective case, portable juice pack, and simultaneous charging solution for multiple devices. All these are built into a sleek and elegant design. Full marks should be given to functionality, practicality and design.


As named, this little device is highly portable that you can carry them along with you everyday, everywhere. The 4200 mAh battery allows you to get a full day backed up without worrying any of your devices drained up with usage.


It is also a good companion at your home and office that you can place your  Apple Watch and iPhone securely on your desk but yet visible for both of the screens. It can also clean up any clutter that multiple cables laying within your sight.


Overall speaking, Pocket is a highly anticipated product despite of fierce competition of similar choices in the market. However, I would definitely love getting a hands on and make it my daily driver charging station. There are still 20 days to go for Pocket’s KickStarter Campaign to go and it has barely passed more than 15% of the goal at the moment. Head over to the page and pledge your support to this fashionable gadget to bring it to reality.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Nick says:

    How Mach is the charging dock


    1. Stephen Chan says:

      I consider this as a spam as they had never shipped out their product for years for their Kickstarter campaign


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