New Classic Buckle Apple Watch Band (two-tone design) for just $70

Earlier this year, we received a couple of so-called replica Apple Watch Bands – The Modern Buckle and first generation Classic Buckle which could be purchased at a fraction of the price but with exact same quality and appearance.

In September, Apple refreshed the Watch and Bands line-ups with new colors and designs. One of the new products is the new Classic Buckle with a two-tone design rather than a plain piece of leather.


This traditional design has been updated with a new calf leather that ages naturally over time to acquire a beautiful patina. The contrasting interior lining creates a dramatic two-tone look, and the filleted edge detail provides a clean geometry. Available in black and saddle brown.

We are here today to review the Black version of this new Classic Buckle which can be purchased at more than 50% off from the genuine price at the Apple Store. Unfortunately, we could not compare this with the real Classic Buckle band in the Apple Store as they are not allowed to have this band for in-store try-on.

The band itself comes with very high quality. Looking at the front side, the interior lining is well created that I could not see any flaw even under the Macro lens of my camera. The calf leather shares very similar pattern as the first generation.

Flipping over to the back side, the leather is also with high quality. Neither of the marks of “38mm” and “Natural Leather” are blurry. They are deeply engraved with clarity, unlike other knockoff bands that you could easily get from eBday or Amazon.

Putting this band side by side with the first generation, you will notice the significant difference in terms of the design. The leather quality in hand of the new one feels better as well. And speaking of adapters and buckles, both are solid and well-polished with exact same quality from Apple.

Overall speaking, instead of classifying this band as a replica, it is more likely to be one of those coming off from Apple’s production line with really minor flaw that does not meet the super high standard of quality control. However, I can hardly notice anything bad with the band that I received and it is really a good deal that I can get it with less than half of the full price.

Check out the “unboxing” video that showcases how the band looks as well as comparison with the first generation Classic Buckle. And please let me know what you think about this band.

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14 Comments Add yours

  1. Beautiful! I love these, I would buy one right away but unfortunately I will have to wait for them to come onto AliExpress or somewhere in English language. Great reviews!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Stephen Chan says:

      Thanks! Hope you can get it soon!


  2. darius1114 says:

    I’d love to order both colors. Unfortunately, I can’t translate the text 😞


  3. George says:

    Looks amazing, have you found the saddle brown from this seller? Is there anyone who sells it in English?


  4. Edward says:

    Great review. You sold me on this watch band. Now, where can I buy this?


    1. Stephen Chan says:

      It is already phased out by Apple as the 3rd generation Classic Buckle has been released for quite some months…


      1. Edward says:

        I was inquiring about the $70 replica. Im interested in all replica versions of the classic buckle. Thanks


      2. Stephen Chan says:

        I have checked again and it is no longer available from what I could find…


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