Lylac: Best Auxo Alternative Cydia Tweak for iOS 9 App Switcher

For those who had used Auxo 2 and/or 3 in previous iOS jailbreaks, you may be missing it as none of them had been updated by the original developer team for iOS 9. However, a new Cydia Tweak called Lylac, which is said to be an Auxo-inspired tweak, hits Cydia and it is a big deal.

Lylac is adding loads of functionality to your iOS App Switcher with ControlCenter built-in and the tweak itself is highly customizable. Users can tweak on 3D Touch behaviors, turning it on and off, Swipe up/down gesture action menu to kill apps or reboot/respring, App Switcher direction, layout and effects, show or hide icon labels and icons, wallpaper and background gradients, ControlCenter style or even to replace it with Lylac completely.

For full details, you can watch the video attached in this post and see how each of those actually works.


In terms of compatibility, as you may see from the video below, Lylac works perfectly with tons of other tweaks and no crash happened so far on my iPhone 6s+ with over 30 tweaks installed, including the latest version of HideMeX, VirtualHome 8 n 9, OneHandWizard, PictureInPicture, Tage, FlipControlCenter, SimpleCenters, etc.

Lylac 1.0.3-1 is available on Cydia’s BigBoss Repo for $1.99 with latest update of various bug fixes.

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