Unboxing and Review: GateKeeper Wireless Computer Lock & Tracker with Bluetooth 4.0

I always carry the Macbook with me for work and there are very important documents stored on this machine and the data is business related hence confidential to other people. Additionally, there are tons of private photos, videos and financial files in my Macbook that I don’t want anyone to touch on. In real life situation, there are occasions that I must be away from the Macbook such as adhoc meetings, lunch time, etc. Despite the fact that it is very easily to close the lid to put the Macbook to sleep. But I don’t really want to type the complicated password from time to time and people may easily see it from the side or behind.


GateKeeper, the wireless computer lock and tracker with Bluetooth 4.0, offers users with a seamless process of locking and unlocking their computers. The proximity technology concept was extremely welcomed since their KickStarter back in early 2014 and it was successfully funded.

Many features, 1 device, and useful to everyone. A versatile Bluetooth 4.0 proximity tracker that performs item loss prevention, item locating, auto locks and unlocks your Mac or PC. Syncs with our Android app for even more functionality (and iOS iPhone if we reach our stretch goal). The GateKeeper (GK-Chain) is just the start of an amazing proximity technology product.

We are happy to have received this from Untethered Labs GateKeeper Key-Chain & Lock in gold color recently and have a hands-on with this amazing technology.

GateKeeper 1

What you can expect inside the little package:

  • 1 GateKeeper Key (plastic casing in Gold color)
  • 1 GateKeeper USB Lock (USB device in black)
  • 1 Key ring (to attach with your personal keychain)
  • 2 pieces of CR2032 Battery
  • 1 Quick Start

GateKeeper 2

Certainly the major devices are the Key and USB Lock. You will need to plug in the USB Lock to your computer, pair up with the Key so that the Lock with the Windows or Mac app downloaded from GateKeeper official site so that it can recognize the Key and locate and detect the proximity it via Bluetooth connection. Of course, you must open up the back cover of the Key and put the battery in to empower it to work. Based on usage, the battery will last for 3 to 6 months.

For full unboxing, device setup and live demo of using GateKeeper, check out the short video below that I spent a few hours to capture and edit:

The whole setup process was speedy. The installation of Mac App takes a few seconds only as the files are not gigantic. Pairing was smooth as long as you place the Key close enough to the USB Lock.

After all being set up, you can start tweaking the device with the Windows or Mac app. There are a few settings that you can enable or disable such as prevent sleep, lock or unlock automatically. I strongly recommend you enable all these otherwise it may defeat the whole purpose of the technology that makes locking and unlocking seamless.

Another important setting is the lock distance. I tend to set it a bit towards the middle of the bar. It is because that it may be an issue that if you pick “Near”, even when you are at your seat and put the key into your pocket, it will be too far to leave your computer unlocked. If it is too far away, again, it defeats the security purpose.

Make sure you save the settings and close the app (but leave it on the status bar or system tray) or it may not function as you have just wished it to.

Gatekeeper for Mac

The only issue that I had so fat is related to updating the firmware at first run. I am not sure what the root cause was but so far I had no issue of usage without updating the firmware. However, when I tried to repair and rerun the firmware update again, it works perfectly and the update process took less than 10 seconds.

Gatekeeper firmware update

To conclude, I did not really encounter any major issue while using GateKeeper to lock and unlock. It is far more convenient than using iPhone apps such as MacID and Knock. The only firmware issue that I had was not really an annoying issue and little effort was required to fix it. With a good experience with it, I really look forward to receiving and trying out the Black 2.0 version coming up later this month.

gatekeeper 2.0

GateKeeper 2.0 comes with a ultra-small USB Lock and a 20% thinner Key with a soft touch finish. The new Key packs in extra sensors for more accurate ranging. In addition, a dual color LED indicates various operating modes including low battery status.

You can purchase GateKeeper from Amazon or directly from Untethered Labs as linked below. You can still pre-order v2.0 for $49.99 which saves you $10 from the retail price later.

GateKeeper 1.0 – $49.99 (Untethered Labs | Amazon)

GateKeeper 2.0 Pre-order – $49.99 (Untethered Labs)

Hope you enjoy reading the article and watching the video. Once we received GateKeeper 2.0, we will do a comparison post again here. Stay tuned!


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