OnePlus X (Retail) Unboxing and First Impression

In the recent couple years, OnePlus has grown its popularity and fame on its brand thanks to the quality product at competitive selling price that offers great value for money. After OnePlus 2 release in July earlier this year, OnePlus launched OnePlus X this month, a non-Flagship Killer Android smartphone. We are going to unbox […]

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Review: Bluedio H+ Turbine Bluetooth 4.1 Headphone

Headphone review is something yet new to me, but recently there have been a few coverages thanks to support from the manufacturers and retailers. And this also turns me to a fan of using on-ear Bluetooth headphones at most of the times. Sponsored by GearBest, a very popular site for gadgets and electronics deals, we are going to […]

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Zerodium to pay $500,000 for unreleased Zero-day iOS exploit

After the 1 million bounty for iOS 9.1 exploits, Zerodium, now the popular cybersecurity firm known for hack trading, recently released a full chart of payouts that they are willing to offer for different zero-day exploits, not only for iOS, but also for Windows Phone, Android, Safari, Flash Player, etc. In terms of value, iOS […]

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