Review: Mixcder ShareMe 7 and Drip Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

I listen to music in my iPhone everyday, yes, every single day without a break. Dining alone I will plug my Bose FreeStyle™ earbuds for convenience but while I am on my way to somewhere, I will prefer using my JayBird BlueBuds X to reduce wire clutter near my body especially in crowded areas and transportations.

So what about at home? Well, I usually switch on my SoundBlock Bluetooth Speaker but at the same time I often received complains from my family members for the noise created. I would really love having a pair of good on-ear Bluetooth Wireless headphones that I can put it up, enjoy my personal music time without disturbing the others.

Mixcder ShareMe 7 01

I can always easily pick up a pair of really good on-ear Bluetooth headphones like those from Beats, Plantronics, etc from the Apple Store or other electronics retailers. But I just couldn’t walk out from the store without spending hundreds bucks on the one that really comfort my picky ears. Until the day I received a few pairs of headphones from Mixcder and that really changed my life and completed my collection.

We are honored to have received both flagship products from Mixcder – the Mixcder ShareMe 7 Wireless Bluetooth 4.1 Headphones (White+Blue at the left and Black at the right) and Drip Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 + EDR Headphones in the middle)


The neat packaging comes with the big headphone securely sitting in the box, a 3.5mm Stereo Cable, a standard micro-USB charging cable and a user manual underneath. Not much surprise but it’s simple and straightforward.

Mixcder bluetooth headphones


ShareMe 7 Wireless Bluetooth 4.1 Headphone – $39.99

Mixcder ShareMe 7 Black 02

  • Brilliant ShareMe Technology:Built in ShareMe technology allows simultaneous, wireless music-listening among 2 ShareMe-equipped headphones
  • Strong Wireless Signal: bluetooth 4.1 version,You can enjoy skip-free music in a 10-meter working distance, even if use your music devices left/right side, above/below waist.
  • Foldable & Comfortable: With the folding hinges, it is compact and portable that you can fold it anytime you stop using it.The soft leather and viscoelastic sponge offer long wearing comfortable.
  • Extra long playing time:Up to 20 hours talk/music time, up to 300 hours standby Time. Go ahead and wear Mixcder ShareMe all day.
  • Universally compatible with most Bluetooth-enabled phones and devices.

Drip Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 + EDR Headphones – $39.99

Mixcder Drip 04

  • Most bluetooth chips: The most bluetooth chips csr keeps a stable signal and reduce the transmission power loss
  • Noise reduction microphone: Advanced microphone system for clear calls in windy or noisy environments
  • Deep Bass High Fidelity: 40mm speaker drivers produce powerful sound and rich bass.The most bluetooth chips CSR gives you hi-fi sound
  • Extra long playing time: Up to 20 hours talk/music time, up to 250hours standby Time. Free to go and wear Mixcder drip all day.
  • Exquisite leather craft: Custom fit supra-aural soft earmuffs and artificial protein leather of earmuffs simulated to human skin texture, giving you long-term comfort

Design and Build Quality

Honestly speaking, the design and the build quality are not something you should expect from on-ear headphones over $300.  For a budget headphone under $40, it is not reasonable to expect the product to be built with premium quality materials and fashionable appearance. Most part of the body is made of plastic, including the casing, the button, etc. It looks and feels like a toy indeed. I haven’t been using it more than 2 weeks so I cannot tell how durable it can be, but definitely I will treasure it and use it with care.

However, notably speaking, the soft earmuffs and artificial protein leather make the headphone really comfortable to wear. In my opinion it is not that far from a premium headphone can offer you with.

Bonus goes to the extendability and foldability. If you don’t have a carrying case, you can still fold the headphone up and throw it into your bag with minimal space required.


The ShareMe 7 comes with well-balanced sound quality. The bass is just about right. Excellent stereo output can be expected at the same level from a wired headphone. I have tried out listening to various types of music on my iPhone including Pop, Rock, Alternative, Country, and many different songs. All are great that you don’t really have to turn on any equalization effect unless you have special preference towards music. Otherwise, let the drums do the job.

On another hand, the Drip headphone offers a stronger and solid bass output. It is impressive. But it is just not my personal favorite to have fat bass so I have to turn on specific equalization to balance that out. Not too much, but good enough to let me go on with this comfortable headphone.

It’s worth mentioning that connecting both headphones to Mac, iPhones and Android devices (tested on HTC E9+) via Bluetooth and there had no issue with the connection as well as volume and pause/play controls which is really nice that the headphone is born to be compatible with all kinds of devices. The connection is fast without a slight lag when music starts playing. The performance has been very stable even with a little bit far distance from the device. But if you really care about a “hair-difference” of stability, you can still connect the headphone to a device with a 3.5mm stereo cable.

The noise cancellation is well-done and competitive to other premium headphones. I am not a pro to judge how well it performs technically but as far as I can test in noisy environment such as the underground trains at peak hours, I really could not notice any major disturbance from people or PA announcement inside the cabin.

The Mixcder ShareMe 7 and Drip are definitely a steal for on-ear Bluetooth headphones that are both comfortable to wear. Despite the fact that Drip is not my personal love towards the stronger bass, the sound quality is still very good. Both headphones have good battery life too. So if you are looking for a pair of budgeted on-ear wireless headphone, both ShareMe 7 and Drip should be surely on your short-list.

11 Comments Add yours

  1. Carter says:

    Hi, is their a way of buying these headphones in online store and ship to philippines?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Carter says:



    2. Stephen Chan says:

      Unfortunately seems no direct way to get this shipped to Philippines. The headphones are available on Amazon in the US and you may need to find some way to ship to a location in the US and then to Philippines.


  2. Tan says:

    Do the Mixcder ShareMe 7 headphones have a noise cancelling feature?


    1. Stephen Chan says:

      No active noice cancellatons but it does well passively.


  3. Dimitri Mastro says:

    Pressing the Power ON button, the set says that it is ON and the light turns blue but NO connectivity with any bluetooth device has been possible! Have tried with two MacBook Pros, an iPhone 5s and an iPhone 7. They see other bluetooth devices but just don’t see the Shareme phones!!! A bad set???


    1. Stephen Chan says:

      Sorry to hear that. But I haven’t come across such yet


  4. Jody says:

    Can not…for the life of me…connect 2 headphones, which is the ENTIRE point of the “ShareMe” headphones.

    I WILL say that each headphone set can go in and out of connectivity. So, simply turning everything off and on again, or even “forgetting” the device, and re-connecting., often reestablishes the connection. (For several hours now, I’ve been trying to pair 2 headphones with iPhone 4S & iPhone 7.)

    There is no support online.

    I bought 2 headsets, solely to use both at the same time. So far, nothing. Only one at a time.

    Sound is acceptable. (I’m not a fan of ANY headphones, as I’m a bit of a bass aficionado.)

    I bought these so my husband and I can go for walks together, while listening to (the same) music.

    Pairing a single headset was easy.

    The device, itself, is light, seemingly comfortable to wear, but feels rather cheap. It is all plastic (despite some online images showing some metallic components).

    Volume controls are not very functional. They’re difficult to locate, on the go, and aren’t very responsive. However, they do work, and can also skip songs.

    If I can’t get my 2 headsets to “share”, then I’ll be returning mine.


    1. Stephen Chan says:

      Sorry to hear some of your bad experience with the headphone. I have given away one of those to a friend who needed it and I am still keeping one. It all functions perfectly…so I have never needed to reach their support and I am unable to validate…


      1. Jody says:

        Okay… A new day; a fresh start.

        Still no wireless “sharing” between the two headsets.

        Out of pure desperation (since I loathe returning things), I thought I’d try manually connecting the two headsets with the 3′ male-male connector cable included with the devices.

        Miraculously, that works. So, while not ideal (I’ll be tethered rather closely to the person I’m listening with), it will work for walks with my husband where we’re generally holding hands.

        So, that’s a workaround.


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