Review: Griffin Ultra Thin Case for Apple Watch

I have reviewed a number of Apple Watch Cases including those from Spigen, LunaTik and Ozaki. I do use all of them, switch them around with my collection of bands to have them serve different purposes based on my needs for different occasions, say for sports, outdoor activities, or to match with business attire.

I personally really love gold color as I have been getting the gold iPhones for two consecutive generations and now I want it on the Apple Watch. However, I am not going to sell my Space Grey Sports and pay for the new Sport model with gold color casing in which I will literally lose US$200 for such trade. So there it comes for the Ozaki cases that has a color option with Rose Gold. But that does not match all the bands and not being a super fan on it. I eventually found Griffin Ultra Thin Apple Watch cases that could help me out on this.

The Griffin Ultra Thin Case for Apple Watch package comes with 3 colors of your choice, though with a certain limitation that I dislike – you must go with one Clear case. I picked the Gold + Matte Gold + Clear option as this gave me the 3 colors that I have not had and looks the best from the promotion picture on the ordering site.

  • Gold + Matte Gold + Clear
  • Silver + Matte Silver + Clear
  • Silver + Matte Hold + Clear

The quality of the cases are quite similar to the Ozaki ones, especially the gold one. They are great. The Matte texture is close to Spigen Thin Fit but it is much slimmer and flexible. The Clear one is the least I like, or simply say, dislike as it has the Griffin brand marking on the case that I really want to get rid of from the Ozaki experience. Picture tells millions words and here are some close shots on the cases with different band options:


Matte Gold


You can get Griffin Ultra Thin Case for Apple Watch 38mm for $19.99 and same price for 42mm in size.

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