How to check if you have Samsung or TSMC manufactured A9 processor in your iPhone 6s or 6s Plus [No XCode required]

Earlier today, iDownloadBlog posted on how to check if your iPhone 6s (or 6s Plus) is having a Samsung or TSMC A9 processor using XCode 7, in which it does matter if you are geek as Samsung’s is more advanced in terms of technological level by using a 14-nanometer process. This appears to be a more legit way, but if you are not a developer having XCode 7 on your Mac (which is >3GB to download) and really want to have a quick check on such, MacTrast had it covered yesterday with another way to conduct this checking yesterday.

1. Launch your mobile web browser (Safari used in this demo) and go to CPU Identifier. Click install to download the tool onto your iPhone.

CPUIdentifier 1

2. Once downloaded and at first launch, you will be prompted that this is an enterprise app that its profile is required to be trusted to run on your iPhone. Go to Settings, General, Profile, and trust CPU Identifier.

CPUIdentifier 2

3. Once done you can go back to the Homescreen and launch the app. It will show you Samsung or TSMC right after launch. You can also share the result on your Facebook as well.

CPUIdentifier 3

Echoing MacTract, since this is an app not from the official iOS App Store, we highly recommend extreme caution when using the tool. You should remove the app right after you are done with the check.


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