Airmail for Mac received the biggest update with tons of new features and improvements

Airmail 2 is a super clean but well-designed and functional mail client designed for Mac OSX with fast performance and intuitive interaction, that supports a number of email services including iCloud™, Microsoft Exchange, Gmail™, IMAP, POP3, Yahoo!™, AOL™,™,™, and more. Switching between accounts is like a breeze and quick reply to incoming messages within seconds that helps boost productivity for the users. It has become the most favorite third-party email client so far after using many other alternatives such as Sparrow (acquired by Google and has been pulled from the shelf), Mailbox by Dropbox which is kind of buggy in the latest version running on the latest developer beta of El Capitan, and the stock Mail app in OSX.

The recently major update, which is the biggest one in 6 months’ time, has dropped on Monday with tons of goodies bundled. Below is the incredibly long list of new features and improvements in Airmail 2.5 for Mac:

  • New for OSX El Capitan
  • Split Screen Support
  • Improved performances and stability
  • New iCloud Sync, Folder Colors, Aliases, Signatures, Profile Icons and more are now synchronised on your Mac and with the upcoming Airmail for iPhone
  • New iCloud Preferences Sync.
  • New Hand-off support, Composing Message are mirrored on different devices
  • New iCloud Account settings, and preferences,
  • New Create Accounts Panel
  • New LDAP directory support
  • New Google App directory search on composing mail
  • New native Wunderlist Integration
  • New native Todoist Integration
  • New Accounts import/export
  • New Sort By Name
  • New recipient menu on the right menu
  • New Folder Colors
  • New OAuth Login Outlook
  • New One Drive integration
  • Improved Visual layout
  • Improved Search (folder and date)
  • Improved Layout are retina optimized
  • Improved Sync engine
  • Improved Draft and Offline sync
  • Improved Exchange Discovery
  • Improved Gestures
  • Improved Attachment Markdown
  • Updated Localisation
  • New system font design

You can download Airmail in the Mac App Store for $9.99.

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