Amber charges your Apple Watch and iPhone in a elegant and handy way

Amber is an upcoming accessory for your Apple Watch and iPhone. It is a handy and elegant little box with combination of power bank for the devices and gorgeous protective case for your Apple Watch as well

Amber in hand

Having reviewed and used Nomad Pod for Apple Watch for some time, one of the major drawback is that I cannot throw the watch on the charger into my bag if I am on my way travelling around before the battery dies. It could rarely happen but it did when notification has been overwhelming on particular day out. The whole thing will become a little bit clunky.


Amber is going to terminate this. My Apple Watch will be sitting securely in the “jewelry box” without having to worry about getting it shake off from the magnetic charger and drop to the bottom of my backpack.


Additionally, I can imagine that it will be worry-free of any accident that your lovely pet sweeps your watch off from the coffee table, in which you could blame at no one for any damages.
Moreover, there may not be a strong need to carry two separate juice packs for iPhone and Apple Watch, though 3800 mAh is not really that much that you can go with a weekend trip.


What is lovely is that Amber comes with its own specialized app that you can get notified when your watch has been fully charged, or even to track down your Amber on remaining battery, temperature, charge and discharge cycles and battery health status. Nice touch and nice-to-have features but why not?

Amber is approaching ready for Kickstarter crowd-funding so if you are interested and want to learn more about Amber, head over to ClearGrass official site. There are tons of useful information on specifications, how to set up, how it works, the Amber’s companion iPhone app, and more. You can also keep yourself updated by joining their Facebook Group to get the latest information about this great product. In the mean time, let’s take a look at a short introductory video of Amber:

As we are still waiting for the beta product to be shipped for testing and further reviews, But definitely we will let you know as soon as possible when we get hold on this great product for the year. Stay tuned!

Image credit: ClearGrass


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  1. Bin says:

    Good idea!


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