The $100 Modern Buckle band

There has been lack of reports on replica or third-party Modern Buckle from the Apple Watch communities so it may worth trying it out and talking about the impression here. There are several Taobao shops selling alleged genuine Modern Buckle band (without any third-party brand) and I got my hands on the cheapest one that I could have, by the time it can be ordered, and with it shipped within 24 hours, to see how close it can get towards to $249 one from Apple Stores.


The Modern Buckle
The Modern Buckle, in my opinion, is the best designed buckle that Apple has designed. It is easy to put on and stays securely on your wrist without worries of falling out. With this cheaper option, I don’t see any difference from the genuine one. The aluminum surface is well polished. Parts such as the buttons and screws are flawless. The magnetic is strong and the buckle functions just as you would expect.

The Leather
Again, no difference in terms of texture from what I tried in the Apple Store. Though the Modern Buckle leather band not as thick as the leather on the Classic Buckle band, it is super soft, comfortable and strong. The best thing I have noticed so far, after wearing for 2 weeks, is that the leather deforms in a lesser extent over time comparing with the Classic Buckle.

It is controversial that if this band goes for ladies or gentlemen. I did consult some people around and we all think that for certain color options such as Black and Midnight Blue, this Modern Buckle band is Unisex despite the fact that it is currently only available for the 38mm Apple Watches. But it is unknown for Apple that whether or not they will open this up for the 42mm models. So I really love to quote a comment from Reddit paraphrased as: regardless anyone thinks the band looks feminine or masculine, as long as you wear it and fits you, you will not be criticized but only come with compliments. Now this band is one of my favorites in addition to the Milanese Loop for business attire.

What do you think about the Modern Buckle Band? Do you like it or own it already? Let me know you thought in the comments. For more Apple Watch Band reviews, check out the list here!

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  1. Aayaan says:

    THE APPLE WATCH BAND are Modern buckle band is very cool . This watch leather band is soft and comfortable when we wear it . Modern buckle function used to be just as we expect it . THANK FOR SHARING.

    Liked by 1 person

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