Review: Nomad Pod for Apple Watch

For those who have been following this blog you know we love reviewing Apple Watch accessories, regardless of the usage and the source of the product. Having been using the Apple Watch for more than four months, the experience is really enjoyable and enriched by the accessories.

For the most controversial issue so far – the battery life – from my personal experience, it is always easy to get through a normal day out for work or day trips without worrying too much to get the Watch into Power Saving Mode. However, it may easily be a concern for slightly over-active usage when traveling aboard.

I have been looking for a solution to make the charging process portable, such as clipping the magnetic connector to the watch and connect to an external juice pack. It had no 100% success and was super clumsy. Until I found Nomad Pod for Apple Watch, after a long thought, and made decision to hit the payment button.

Nomad Pod for Apple Watch 13

In terms of specification, the Nomad Pod for Apple Watch has:

  • 72mm (diameter) x 25 (height) in size
  • 132g of weight
  • 1800 mAh high density lithium ion rechargeable battery (Micro-USB in / Type A USB out)
  • Precision stamped and anodized aluminum casing, polycarbonate plastic enclosure, Dupont Versollan TPE rubber base
  • CE and ROHS certified

The Nomad Pod for Apple Watch comes with a super minimal but elegant packaging. Unboxing was super easy and you can only find three things in the box: the Pod itself, Nomad Key (Micro-USB charging cable) which normally costs $19.95, and a spacer for filling up the thickness gap between the plastic and metallic magnetic charging connectors from Apple. In this review, we are using the charging connector that comes with the Apple Watch Sport model which is thicker and needless for putting in the spacer.

The installation of charging cable into the Nomad Pod consists of five steps:

  1. Twist Pod’s top off to reveal battery and USB charging unit
  2. Insert the USB end of the Apple Watch charging cable into Pod’s USB port
  3. Wrap the cable around Pod placing Pod securely in top nesting area
  4. Close Pod by firmly securing top enclosure
  5. Place Apple Watch back on top to charge from any angle

Now you are good to go! Simply put your Apple Watch on top of the Nomad Pod and it will begin charging! One thing to note is that the Nomad Pod appears to be designed for open bands which you can easily put it on the desk and leave it charging there. But don’t worry if you are using a closed-loop band such as the Milanese Loop (shown in the picture above) or the Link Bracelet. You will just need to wrap it around the body Nomad Pod. Certainly there will be some rubbing between the band and the surface that you put them on so make sure you are aware of it.

No problem if you are not near any power plugs as the Nomad Pod can easily fully charge 3-4 times of a fully discharged Apple Watch. The 1A output definitely help out some emergency condition when your Apple Watch’s battery gets low. You can also charge the Nomad Pod with other third-party external juice packs without a problem by connecting them with any Micro-USB charging cable. Simply throw them into your bag and use it later when you have a flat surface to place it on.

Overall speaking, I really love this product for its pocketability and the possible convenience that it can bring when I travel around. Certainly, the build quality is solid and is toward the premium side. Definitely check out this amazing product and I highly recommend you pick one up soonest.

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  1. DS says:

    Quick charger unrelated question: what’s the perforated leather band and where to get it – it’s a design I was looking for the longest time…


    1. Stephen Chan says:

      It is the Rally Racing Band from Black Forest Atelier. Unfortunately, it is no longer available from the Etsy store.


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