Here are the half-priced replica Modern Buckle bands from China

Quite a while ago, we talked about why you should stay away from the knockoff Leather Loop bands for the Apple Watch from China. However, this is not the same story for the Modern Buckle bands which is now really in supply constraint for some of the countries, or with major shipping delays due to certain level of popularity of this nicely designed high quality watch band.

modern buckle band online store

There are multiple B2C online store from China putting this band on sale with a price tag of CNY720 (approximately US$112) that is as low as half of that from the Apple Store (US$249). From what we can see from the product catalog and raw photos shown below by the store, the band looks exactly the same as the genuine bands with engraving and markings on the bands.

apple watch modern buckle black

We were able to get in touch with the store from a customer perspective and requested for a proof of the band that they are 1:1 replica of the genuine Modern Buckle bands. They showed us a snapshot of the remaining stock of the band. They look exactly the same as the genuine ones, and concur with the customers’ positive comments and feedbacks.

third party apple watch modern buckle

There were quite a number of customers purchased the bands from the stores and as mentioned, the feedbacks were surprisingly positive, praising the quality of the bands as high as the genuine bands. Here are some pictures that the customers showing off the bands they have got, despite of cheap packaging that the bands came with (as you can see from the pink ones):

Color – Blue
apple watch modern buckle blue

Color – Brown
apple watch modern buckle brown

Color – Pink
apple watch modern buckle pink

Considering the price and quality being shown, it is really attractive for those who may want to get this band without paying over 200 bucks to Apple which high fraction of it went to the their profits. Here is the link of the online store that you can. Unfortunately, it is in Simplified Chinese so we can post it through Google Translate but hope this will help you out in justifying your purchase of the Modern Buckle band for your Apple Watch.

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  1. Glamorous Kitty says:

    Can you send me the actual website link that I can visit to purchase one I tried clicking on the one on your page and it does not work , thanks in advance !!!!

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      1. says:

        Thanks for the reply, I can’t find the Apple Watch modern buckle soft pink 42mm, can you maybe give me that direct link it’s all in Chinese and I can’t get google translate to work, great blog by the way!!!

        Sent from my iPhone



      2. Stephen Chan says:

        Well, there is actually no 42mm version for Modern Buckle from Apple. The Chinese site is where I got my bands from. Sorry there is no English site that I know offers such bands as those could be something leaked solely from Chinese factories.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi Stephen,
    Thanks for the detail review. The link you offered are not valid any more.
    How about the modern buckle from hoco company? As all we know, it offer different kinds of high quailty pple watch bands.
    I get the pink color for my 42mm watch, it is amazing stylish and the leather feeling good.


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