Review: OZAKI O!coat Wardrobe+ Case for Apple Watch Sport

It has been quite a while that I have not purchased and reviewed any more accessories for my Apple Watch as the genuine Milanese Loop did cost quite a bit and I am very satisfied with it. Looking back on the Apple Watch cases reviewed, either good or bad, there seems a lack of minimalist choice. You may argue that the Spigen Thin Fit could be one of the best. However, I accidentally discovered a really nice slim case for my Apple Watch which is neat, minimal but stylish.

The package comes with 2-in-1 bundle that includes 2 different colors for users to swap between. This is an extremely good deal for users who are like me having multiple watch bands for different occasions.

O!coat Wardrobe+ Apple Watch Case 38mm unboxing

The case is ultra slim at just a thickness of 0.5 mm and light weight of just 0.5g that does not add any bulkiness and additional weight onto your lovely Apple Watch, but still offers a great protection to your Watch from scratches.

O!coat Wardrobe+ Apple Watch Case 38mm 2

The glossy finish of the plastic case does give users a chance to imitate the Apple Watch stainless steel case just with this case onto a Sport edition.

O!coat Wardrobe+ Apple Watch Case 38mm 3

It is the Apple Watch case that I spent the least effort to put it on and take it off due to its material flexibility and super thin in size. The port and button openings are perfect that allows full access to all functions.

The bundle with 2 colors really matches the color of my 2 metallic watch bands. The silver case perfectly matched with the Milanese Loop as shown below:

OZAKI O!coat Wardrobe+ Case silver

While the space grey case matches with my Monowear Metal Link band with space grey adapters:

OZAKI O!coat Wardrobe+ Case black

If you also love this case like I do, you can get the 2-in-1 bundle on OZAKI official site now for $20.99.

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