My first impression on iPod shuffle (2015) dark blue edition

I know, I’m late to the party again. I finally decided to get an iPod shuffle after so many years with Apple products.

After upgrading to iOS 8.4 along with the jailbreak, it also brings me to use and start loving the Apple Music service. The on-demand music streaming and downloading service is super handy that really prompts me to erase all the music contents that I synced over from iTunes and free up 13GB of storage space for other purposes. But still, I need another device to store the music that I love listening to at all times without costing me too much.

I did own a couple of Android phones that are basically freed up for back up usages for traveling or so. However, it definitely costs me more time to do the transfer and maintenance work and more importantly, it is not convenient to carry another phone just for listening to music without actual usage of a phone.

ipod shuffle 2015 6

ipod shuffle 2015 5

With an affordable price tag, I made up my mind to get an iPod shuffle as Apple refreshed the line up with new color options. I do see this is a good move to have simply a cosmetic change to bring this product back onto the shelves. The new dark blue, pink and gold variants all looks amazing. It was very difficult to pick between the gold and dark blue options are both of them appeal to me as they look much better than the predecessors.

unbox apple ipod shuffle

Not much inside the box and it is standard if you have ever owned the device – the iPod shuffle itself, earphone without in-line control, USB charging/data cable, and some documentation. Check out the unboxing video below if you are interested.

Overall speaking, the iPod shuffle is tiny and super light-weight to carry around easily without much burden. It saved me lots of space on my iPhone as well. Definite purchase if any of these colors is your favorite.

P.S. It has been while that I touched on the site and hope you guys are doing well! If you are still reading and visiting this site regularly, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your continuous support! I will try my best to free up some time to write one or a couple posts every week.

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