TaiG CEO thanked Saurik for working with them overnight

While we are waiting, patiently or impatiently, for the official release of a stable version of TaiG Jailbreak Tool for iOS 8.3 with major bug fixes, a while ago, TaiG’s CEO, Xie Lei, publicly thanked Saurik (Jay Freeman, creator of Cydia) for his hard work overnight with the TaiG team in the previous days.

In Xie’s personal Weibo, he mentioned that:

Saurik didn’t sleep well yesterday. While today, he didn’t even go to sleep. He stayed up late with us overnight until 6 something in the morning at his side. On the other side, TaiG folks have been staying up for 3 days, all because of the users. The new version is basically done! Please stay tuned.

TaiG thanked Saurik

Additionally, he also shared a screenshot of iMessage conversation with Saurik talking about the new packages to be used for the update, despite that the link to the package was unveiled in one of the messages from Saurik:

taig saurik imessage

So apparently we are going to see the update being pushed to TaiG’s website very very soon. Are you excited about it? Let me know what you think in the comments.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. esadajr says:

    you bet I’m excited


  2. Wolfie says:

    In Saurik we trust! 💡


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