About delay on Cydia Substrate update from TaiG

iOS 8.3 is now jailbreakable with TaiG tool 2.0 but users can basically install nothing without Cydia a Substrate being updated. In respond to the many questions regarding a delay on TaiG updating Cydia Substrate that was expected to drop within 24th June Beijing Time, here’s we believe why it happens.

At around midnight of 24th June, the TaiG team posted an update on multiple social media platforms regarding Cydia Substrate update. Security experts claimed that it was just a 5 minute work. But obviously they did not manage to understand, for some reason, on the sentences below on TaiG’s official Weibo:

Regarding Cydia Substrate compatibility issue, we will release a newer version as soon as possible. Additionally, some users reported that the Settings App went blank at launch after jailbreaking and pairing with Apple Watch. Please unpair first, we are fixing this issue.

Original post as shown below:


I personally also reached out to the team via their QQ support group and reported some bugs that I found. I strongly believe that TaiG wants to polish more on the jailbreak tool along with the Cydia Substrate and push them in one shot.

Further, yesterday, TaiG also spent some time to responded to a copycat action by PP that could have distracted them from focusing on fixing and updating their jailbreak packages. It was claimed that PP modified TaiG’s tool to compile an updated version of PP jailbreak Asssistant tool without getting the authorization from them. They felt sad about that and reminded users to download only from their official website as shown above (on the right).

Waiting is painful but patience is king. Let’s look forward to a quality update from TaiG soon.

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