Pangu Jailbreak Team will speak in another security conference in Australia

After announcing attendance at Black Hat 2015 followed by MOSEC and iOS 8.3 jailbreak demonstration, the Pangu Team posted on their official Weibo that they are attending another security conference – Breakpoint 2015 – in Australia this October, along with a number of experts in telecommunication, internet and Android operating system security aspects.

Pangu jailbreak team Breakpoint 2015

Their presentation topic is quite similar to the one they did in MOSEC, captioned Design, Implementation and Bypass the Chain-of-Trust Model of iOS. As introduced on the conference site, they will analyze the design, implementation and evolution of the security mechanisms in iOS along the timeline from device boot, kernel initialization, to creation and execution of a userland process, review the key steps in previous jailbreak tools for breaking the chain-of-trust model of iOS, share the critical techniques exploited by Pangu 7 and Pangu 8, and analyze and forecast potential attack surfaces for future jailbreaks., as well as a code signing bypass vulnerability that enables untethered jailbreak against iOS 8.2, and explain how it was stealthily fixed by Apple in iOS 8.3.

pangu breakpoint

For those who are new to the Breakpoint conference:

Breakpoint will be held on the 22 and 23 of October 2015 at the Intercontinental Rialto in Melbourne, Australia. The conference will showcase the work of 14 security experts from around the world on a wide range of cutting edge security topics.

Over two days, 14 world-class speakers join Breakpoint to share their knowledge on a full range of security issues, from unpublished research to the latest trends in security.

The conference is hosted at the Intercontinental Rialto Hotel located in the heart of Melbourne city. This event provides delegates with a unique opportunity for exposure to an interested, relevant, and influential audience within the Australian security industry.

It really appears to me that they are trying their best to get the most appearance in the mobile security industry and publicize themselves to become a famous security team, regardless of all the criticism from some famous iOS security expert. Additionally, by that time, iOS 9 will be well officially released and it sounds pointless to discuss and share more on iOS 8 jailbreak techniques and so.

But what’s your take on Pangu Team’s recent activities and presence in these security conferences? What will they be looking for in those upcoming conferences? Let me know in the comments.

Source: Pangu Team Official Weibo, BreakPoint 2015

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