I switched to the Mophie Watch Dock

Finally, it is irresistible for me to get the mophie watch dock for my Apple Watch as I am tired of using the Griffin Watch Stand for about a month.

mophie watch dock 01

It comes with a sleek package and by simply sliding out the tray, you will be able to see the watch dock well placed, along with the installation guide.

mophie watch dock 02

mophie watch dock 03

Without further delay, let’s take a close look at the premium leather accents attached on different parts of the dock.

mophie watch dock 04

mophie watch dock 05

The aluminum construction is strong and well polished.

mophie watch dock 06

mophie watch dock 07

Comparing with the Griffin Watchstand, the mophie watch dock is extremely compact, sleek and minimal.

mophie watch dock 08

You can tidy up the cable by hiding into the stand body.

mophie watch dock 09

mophie watch dock 11

The metal connector perfectly fit in the tray.

mophie watch dock 10

Looks excellent with the Apple Watch placed on the dock.

mophie watch dock 12

Mophie Apple Watch Dock is available for $59.95.

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