Quick review on Spigen’s Apple Watch Case Slim Armor

Having been reviewing Spigen’s Thin Fit and Rugged Armor Cases for the Apple Watch, today this article is going to introduce the Slim Armor which is another 38mm Apple Watch compatible case.

spigen Apple Watch Case Slim Armor 2

It has a smoother surface than the Rugged Armor. Easy to snap on and remove. It is also easier to remove the watch bands than the Rugged Armor when the case is installed. The Digital Crown is also easily accessible but not able to allow scrolling with two fingers. Pressing is of no barrier for both buttons on the left.

Comparing with the other two cases:

Spigen Apple Watch Cases (38mm)

Putting onto a Spigen’s Apple Watch Stand:

spigen Apple Watch Case Slim Armor

Spigen’s Apple Watch Case Slim Armor is available for purchase for $19.99.

Stephen Chan

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