The $25 Knockoff LunaTik Epik Apple Watch Kit

A couple of weeks ago, we reported that there are quite a few knockoff LunaTik Epik Watch Kit for Apple Watch that claimed to be genuine but with a huge price difference from the KickStarter one. There have been a number of updates to that post with more pictures on this knockoff case in the past week.

The one being used for demonstration is the model called Epik Silver Anodized Aluminum Case + Matching Aluminum Link Bracelet for 38mm Apple Watch, which has no ETA from LunaTik at the moment. It only costs around $25 from Chinese online retailers. (Edit: Someone found this aluminum prototype available on eBay for $30.99)

As a disclaimer, this post is not going to talk about fashion and personal tastes, nor to promote using knockoff products. It aims at providing a perspective to this unreleased product in reality based on the knockoff model available, and demonstrating the extent of similarity comparing with the genuine product shown in the preliminary renders and promotional pictures on KickStarter. The final iteration has yet been confirmed, but nevertheless, it should not be too far from what can be seen as of now.

knockoff lunatik epik 01

Starting from the package, it looks like having what are basically required as an official product – printed matters with the band well-sit in the box. What is more inside the box is no more than additional band links, screws and toolkit that is not worth showing in detail because they are poorly packed. Another thing is that unlike the KS campaign, there is no additional silicon links accompanied. However, the installation guide looks promising as shown below.

knockoff lunatik epik 02

Certainly, the real meat-and-potato is the band itself. It should be made of aluminum, quite solid but fairly light. The metal links are chained by a black silicon band in the inner part which is soft and comfortable to put on. The buckle has a design to have 2-way folding and expanding which give best flexibility and security to take on and off from the wrist. We will have a closer look on each part of the band in the later part of this post.

knockoff lunatik epik 03

For installation or uninstallation, two screw-drivers are required for one holding at one and the screw on the other side in order to remove the band from the case and open up the case parts side by side.

knockoff lunatik epik 04

As always, pictures is worth thousands of words. Here are some snapshots on this case and band after putting on to a 38mm Apple Watch Sport, from different distances and angles:

knockoff lunatik epik 05

knockoff lunatik epik 11

A closer look on the case body:

knockoff lunatik epik 06

A side view which imitates the official render image (click to view):

knockoff lunatik epik 07

The view at the back (click here to view the official promotional image)

knockoff lunatik epik 08

A closer look at the buckle (there is no official image on this):

knockoff lunatik epik 09

A couple of major issues for this knockoff case: first, it is not polished up to the quality we should expect for a $150 genuine case. As you can see from the micro-view on the case, the anodization was not done perfectly, both inner and external surfaces, yet hard to be noticeable viewing from the normal distance.

knockoff lunatik epik 10

Another major shortcoming, not a flaw to be exact but a design difference – the Digital Crown cover. It is completely different from what is shown in the official promotion video and images. Concluding from these two major issues, it is implicitly telling that this may be those dropped out from the quality control from the production line at an early stage.

knockoff lunatik epik 12

This is how it should look when you put on your wrist (155mm wrist below):

knockoff lunatik epik 13

Despite having a bigger case body, it adds similar heights as the Spigen Rugger Armor Case:

knockoff lunatik epik 14

A side view on the button covers:

knockoff lunatik epik 15

The Metal Link band:

knockoff lunatik epik 16

Again, this should not be the one you will be getting from LunaTik KickStarter campaign but yet far from expected. As far as the try on, it is below a standard of a flagship product charging for over $100 plus months of design engagement and refinement, in terms of overall quality, yet offers good protection to the Watch. This knockoff product is not an Apple Watch case or band that I will use everyday unless any extreme activities. Normal exercise will also work because of the light-weight and water-proof material nature. Yet, this reporting article will leave the final judgement and decision to the readers and potential buyers on a worthiness of a purchase. Let me know what you think in the comments.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Steven says:

    I bought one of the knockoffs off eBay… My issue is I own a 42mm stainless and I was sent a 42mm sport. My watch face wouldn’t fit into the case. Looks awesome in person.


  2. Eyeseeyou says:

    Just received mine(black retail $220) and have the same feedback.

    I’m pretty active so this will probably stay on although I’m a little worried about the sharp inner edges of the frame eventually scratching the watch.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Stephen Chan says:

      Yes it is pretty sharp inside and I think just don’t push the watch too hard into the case should be ok


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