Runeblade is definitely the best Apple Watch game now

Runeblade is the first award-winning fantasy adventure game tailor-made to be played on the Apple Watch. It is intuitive to take on your way to the Forgotten Halls to fight the rising darkness!


Basically, you carry a powerful sword and spells and kill all the dangerous creatures and strong bosses all the way through. Keep on finding runes, treasures and cash to make yourself and your weapon become more powerful in order to deal with the enemies. Once you reached Level 100, you can retire to start a new generation all over again.


From Glances, you can view your current progress in exploring the territory of the game and tabbing it will bring you to where you left off in-game.


With the crystals gained in the later stage of the game, you can exchange for Magical Artefacts in the Black Market in the iPhone app to gain empowering stats.


Here is the official introduction of Runeblade:

In Runeblade, the order of the War Mages is faced with an impossible situation. After millennia of slumber, their own gods are awakening only to turn corrupted and determined to destroy the world. The order selects a champion to continue the fight against the evil, but time is running out as the wrath of the Arai is already seeping into the world!


  • Apple Watch optimized game design
  • Simple and intuitive to play with depth that builds over time
  • Unique Rune Enchanting mechanism that unlocks special powers
  • Spells that grow in power as the adventure progresses
  • Magical Artefacts and other unlockable achievements
  • iPhone client for items, store and more!
  • STAY TUNED! More content, features and game play is on the way…


  • Upgrade runes to level 5 to unlock spells
  •  Read detailed descriptions by tapping the runes
  • First rune (KHA) increases melee damage (TAP)
  • Other runes deliver constant damage per second (DPS)
  • It is rumoured that powerful runes can glow with bright magic


  • Crystals are found from level 100 and onwards
  • Gain found Crystals by Retiring to your hometown
  • Use Crystals to buy Magical Artefacts after retiring
  • Starting a new generation gives a permanent boost to DPS
  • You can Retire and start a new generation anytime after level 100
  • First Retiring is automatic and unlocks access to North

There were also two major updates recently that brings new features to the iPhone and Apple Watch app respectively:

What’s New in Version 1.0.5
“The Lore Keepers” update adds new unlockable information to the main menu of iPhone client. Illustrated with custom artwork you’ll be able to learn more about the Lore of Runeblade on your journey through the fantasy lands. New monsters, levels, bug fixes and optimisations are also included in the update.

What’s New in Version 1.0.7
“The Desolation” is a major update that adds dynamic map content and begins “The Desolation narrative” after the battle of Dol Goroth (level 100). Watch the whole world burn as the wrath of the Arai devastates the Cursed Shores!

This update also includes new monsters, more levels, lore artwork, magical arterfacts, treasure, and more!

You can download Runeblade from the App Store for free.

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