The Apple Watch App is one step closer to iOS 8.1.2

For those who might have missed it, earlier this month, famous iOS hacker/developer Karen (a.k.a ‏@angelXwind on Twitter) showed everyone she has been making remarkable progress on porting the Apple Watch App into iOS 8.1.2 which is the only official, stable jailbreakable firmwires.

She also showed us the Activity has been preliminarily running on iOS 8.1.2 as well, which sounds super exciting for jailbreak users to enjoy both jailbroken iPhone as well as using the Apple Watch that they might have already purchased.

Yesterday, Karen tweeted out on the latest milestone of her project that the Apple Watch daemons mostly work on iOS 8.1.2. The pictures showed that the pairing and initial setup screens working perfectly there.

Are you one of the guys who have the Apple Watch but yet refused to lose the jailbreak on your iPhone? Or are you using an alternate device to work with Apple Watch? Are you excited about what Karen may be able to achieve soon? Let me know in the comments.

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  1. Aaron says:

    Beg your pardon.
    So may I use Apple Watch on iOS 8.1.2 already?


    1. Stephen Chan says:

      No, there was attempts to port the Apple Watch app into iOS 8.1.2 on a jailbroken device. Obviously there was no further follow up as newer version of iOS with Apple Watch app and compatibility was jailbroken already


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