Another Alleged iOS 8.3 jailbreak video “proof” surfaced has been proven to be fake

A few days ago, there was rumor hinting that iOS 8.3 jailbreak should be coming soon. Today there is a video uploaded on one of the most popular video sites in China called Todou, showing off a possible jailbroken iOS 8.3 running Cydia without any crash.

There are a serious of proof including showing installed Cydia packages, running the Apple Watch App, device information displayed in AnTuTu Benchmark, as well as installing Cydia packages from some Chinese repos such as Weifeng and Tongbutui. I captured several screenshots from the video in case you don’t want to watch the full video, or just haven’t watched it yet.

Chinese iOS 8.3 jailbreak 1

Chinese iOS 8.3 jailbreak 2

If you are interested, click here to view the video, which is accompanied with a pretty nice background music.

So what do you think about this video? Are you excited if it could be true?

Edit: This has been claimed/proven to be fake from multiple sources so it will be good to hold back any hope at the moment:

  1. Loads of quality discussions and logical thoughts in this Reddit thread
  2. Tweets from creditable iOS hackers @angelXwind and @iH8sn0w

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