The first iteration of Feedly for Apple Watch

Popular RSS reader Feedly has just pushed its first itetation of Apple Watch App just now in the App Store.

The app pulls the top 8 stories of your Feedly account. You can scroll down with fingertip or the Digital Crown to view the thumbnail and read the full text. Swiping horizontally allows you to view other stories. You can tap the button at the end of the text to Save for Later that will instantly reflected in the iPhone app.


Force Touch brings up menu where you can save article for reading later, add tag to it or mark as read.


However, one major shortfall is lack of Glances view that most of the third-party Apple Watch apps are generally expected to born with.

It is definitely a nice-to-have for Feedly to support the Apple Watch. But to be honest, it is very tough to read small texts on such a small Watch face especially when you have a 38mm size watch. More importantly, the app does not support Dynamic Type at the moment so the font size inside the app will not increase with the system that I believe all or most Apple Watch apps are suffering from this. So unless you really hesitate to pull out the iPhone for some reason, there is no major driver that you will read RSS feed on the Apple Watch.

So what’s your take on the first version of Feedly for Apple Watch? Is it something that you will use? Let me knwo in the comments.

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