Review: Spigen Thin Fit Case for 38mm Apple Watch (Satin Silver)

Finally, my first case for my Apple Watch has arrived and I am able to put it on before I travel later this month. Though I have Apple Care+ bundled with my Apple Watch, I still feel that I need some sort of protections to it at the moment as a travel-mate or it will be a bit costly and difficult for me to get it repaired and replaced.

The Apple Watch case I got is the Spigen® Thin Fit polycarbonate case with premium matte finish with Satin Silver color, which you can find on Amazon for $14.99.


Spigen is a very trusted brand for making protective case so even the Thin Fit case is the basic model for the Apple Watch and made of purely plastic, it is still able to show a good quality in terms of material and cuttings.

spigen apple watch case view

The case basically covers most of the areas around the screen, with buttons, microphone, speaker and watch band places all precisely cut-out without interference.

spigen apple watch case buttons

It does not add that much weight and thickness to the Watch itself comparing with other series of cases that they manufacture. Despite the fact that it covers up part of the Digital Crown, the curved cutting still allows fingertip touch to scroll up and down without difficulty. I didn’t have issue to access and press on the two buttons as well.

spigen apple watch spigen side view

Beside the high quality that you can see from the pictures, the best advantage of this case is quick and easy to put on. It is also easy to remove it without having to remove the bands first. Also, it is easy for users to do some cleaning for their cased Apple Watch, if needed, even it is less likely to attract dusts with a matte finish than those rugged ones.

spigen apple watch case leather band

Overall speaking, instead of getting low-cost cases that may easily break or scratch, I still highly recommend getting cases from big brands regardless of certain premium being added into the retail price. So what case did you get or you just let your Apple Watch expose to the environment as it is?

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