2Do is a robust GTD app for Apple Watch

2Do is one of the most popular, robust but expensive Get Things Done (GTD) iOS app in the market. There are an abundant amount of productivity app that can perform the same task. But I recently turned away from Wunderlist and started being fond of 2Do for its robustness and overwhelming functionalities on both the iPhone app and the Apple Watch app, despite the fact that there could be a lot to be yet discovered.

2Do for Apple Watch is going to be a natural extension to the app on your iPhone, iPad and Mac

This statement is absolutely true. The 2Do Apple Watch app is as powerful as the iPhone app. You can basically view anything from the Watch and it mirrors all the changes from the iPhone instantly and vice versa. One of the best is the Glances view. From there, you know what you will need to do next today, how many overdue task and upcoming. If you are very self-disciplined and stick with your schedule all the time (or at least try to, at most times), you will definitely feel a bit under pressure if you find you are a bit behind schedule but something is coming up.


The main screen of 2Do Apple Watch app looks quite fancy with the background animation like iOS Dynamic wallpaper but yet intuitive with the big and color icons. From there, you can invoke scheduled tasks, starred items, today’s list, etc.


Marking items finished, defer or even trash has never been so easy. It is two taps away from the list. The green, blue, red icons make it more intuitive for users to pick the action they want against the task they are viewing.


The Widget List something you should definitely setup from the iPhone app. It should be the most frequently used list that you care the most. This comes handy that you can access it right away from the main screen of the app without having to scroll through a big list of task and filter it in your brain.


Last but not latest, you can Force Touch to invoke menu to add task and input by voice dictation. I tried a few times and it is very accurate. Though I am super used to type what I want to schedule and plan to do on the iPhone, I still find the voice dictation very handy and nice to use.

2Do is available on the App Store for $14.99.

So what do you think about 2Do? Or what GTD app do you use on your iPhone or Apple Watch? Share your experience down below in the comments section.

One Comment Add yours

  1. Koen says:

    I was looking for an answer to the question: can you add task using dictation? You confirmed this for me and now I will go buy it.

    I was looking for video’s about this but could not find it.

    Thank you for your pics and review.

    Koen in Columbus Ohio.


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