Unboxing and Review: Techlink ReFresh Travel Cleaning Kit

The Techlink ReFresh Travel Cleaning Kit was an exclusive product on the Apple Online Store that allows users to clean up fingerprints, dirt, grime and bacteria with a Anti-Microbial cleaning cloth and stylish and portable scented Anti-Bacterial spray.The cleaning kit has the following flagship features:

  • Suitable for all Apple Screens and casings
  • Scented Anti-Bacterial Screen Cleaning Fluid (100ml)
  • Ultra Gentle Anti-Microbial Cleaning Cloth
  • Concealed Cleaning Cloth Storage
  • Twist Lock Nozzle
  • Handy Travel Size Suitable for Air Travel
  • Stylish Design With Vibrant Blue Satin finish
  • Comfortable, One-Handed Spray Action



I purchased this Refresh Travel Cleaning Kit (100ml) in February as the existing one was running low but eventually I was only able to finish using it up in 3 months time. It costed me HK$98 (~USD 12). I used to pay around HK$70 for 50ml cleaning sprays so I think it was a good deal. And now, this product is actually no longer being sold on the Apple Online Store which is quite unfortunately and this review should have been done much earlier than now. But, still worth checking out what’s inside and how well it performs.


The cleaning kit performs way better than my previous cleaning kit which I got it at a low price from some local retailer. The spray evaporates fairly fast without staying on the screen surface for so long.


The quality of cleaning cloth is excellent too. With a small amount of spray it can wipe out the fingerprints and dirt for the entire iPhone 6 screen. It is a must-have for people who use the phone very often that could have made the screen dirty and flooded with fingerprints.



If you are still interested in getting this product, you may need to search through some bricks and mortar stores or purchase alternatives like the Techlink ReFresh Quick-Dry Anti-Bacterial Screen Wipes available in some countries’ Apple Online Store. You can also visit the Manufacturer’s website for more details.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Rachel Davis says:

    Thanks for the review! I use iPhone and iPad and this cleaning kit will definitely be useful for me! I hate to clean them with products that aren’t made for them, that is why I am really interested in the kit!


    1. Stephen Chan says:

      I agree. I still a third left but my local Apple Store does not sell it anymore.


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