Unboxing and Review: Monowear Black Metal Link Band for Apple Watch

I have been reviewing Apple Watch bands, including a knock-off third-party leather band and the Black Classic Buckle band that I purchased in the couple of weeks back. Both of them look pretty fit with the 38mm Space Grey Aluminum Apple Watch Sport.

Thanks to the great assistance and special care from the Monowear team, I am able to be the very first international customer to get my hands on this premium Apple Watch band – the Monowear Black Metal Link Band – delivered in Hong Kong this morning. I am proud to be one of those who backed this Kickstarter project for $75 only instead of paying for a much more marked-up price of $120 that someone showed off his purchase from an Amazon retailer that Monowear clarified that they shouldn’t have, and that wasn’t fair due to some business mistakes behind.

But anyways, in this article, I want to show you what to expect when you unbox yours and present you with high quality video and close-up pictures so you have a better idea on how good this band is, in detail that quick-dirty pictures could not show you.

First, let’s look at some specifications of this Black Metal Link Band to be reviewed:

Color: Black
Band Material: Stainless steel
Adapter Material: Stainless steel
Length: 138mm – 168mm/208mm
Width: 20mm
Compatiblity: All Apple Watch models and sizes
Adaptor finish: Matte Dark Grey

After unwrapping the courier box or bag, you will find your highly-anticipated, long-awaited Monowear Apple Watch band with a nice packaging as you would have expected. The little plastic transparent wrapping not only keeps the box in shape but also tells you at the back the specifications of the watch band you have ordered.

Slowly pulling out the tray with the watch band, it is time to take the band out and party with it. Here is the quick unboxing and installation video:

The appearance of the Black Metal Link Band is identical as you would have expected from the previews from Monowear. The black color is darker and distinguishable against the Space Grey aluminum casing of the Apple Watch Sport.

monowear metal link band

The band has 3-sectioned links and the stainless steel material is brushed on the left and right links and polished in the center which makes it stands out with shiny and classy outlook. Per Monowear, the brushed finish aims at going well with Aluminum Apple Watch Sport, while on another hand, the polished center part will shine with the Stainless Steel Apple Watch.

monowear metal link

Finally, there is a clicky button that help lock and unlock the buckle that has a subtle and elegant Monowear logo well crafted on it.

It could be more important to know about the adapters. The Matte Dark Grey adapters are texturized to match the Aluminum Apple Watch too. I found no compatibility issue or difficulty when putting on the bands, or did I find any scratches when removing it, despite the fact that this band is released before the Made for Apple Watch third-party bands program. Definitely Monowear has spent tremendous effort in perfecting it along the manufacturing stages.

monowear adapter

In terms of weight, this metal band is reasonably weighted, roughly 60 grams, and feels comfortable in hand. Nevertheless, it is not as heavy and solid as my Stainless Steel Seiko watch, at least I feel this way.

Too much about the fact and feeling already. So now I will show you some more photos viewing the band from different perspectives:

Side-by-side comparison with other bands – Black Stainless Steel band for a Seiko watch, Apple Black Sport Band, Black Classic Buckle band.

Apple Watch bands - leather metal sport

Wearing on the wrist




Comparing with another Stainless Steel watch and band



Sitting on a Griffin WatchStand

monowear griffin apple watch 1

monowear griffin apple watch 2

Overall speaking , the design and quality are good and will be comparable with what you get from a normal mechanical watch. I have never regretted that I backed the Kickstarter project. It is a good companion band that you can add to your collection. Like for myself, I can swap among the Classic Buckle and the Sport Band.

You can visit Monowear official online store and look for the band you may wish to have, including leather, metal and nylon bands with different color options, with price tags ranging from $55.99 to $99.99.

How do you like the Monowear Metal Link Apple Watch Band? Do you want to get one as well? Or are you getting or waiting for any bands from either Apple or third-party manufacturers? Let me know what you think down below in the comments section.

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  1. Wesley says:

    I would love to see a band like this in a matching aluminum alloy.

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