Cootree® QCY Wireless Earbuds is a good deal and companion for Workout with Apple Watch (Unboxing and Review)

One of the most impressive features of the Apple Watch is Workout. Not only that you can leave your iPhone on the desk and go with the Watch itself without relying on any iOS apps, you can sync a workout music playlist to the Watch, pair it with your Bluetooth headset to AirPlay the music to it along your run. Since you have already spent quite a bit on getting the Apple Watch, you may just want to spend a bit less on the accessories. Especially sweat-proof earbuds that are usually not as reliable as they claim to be so you may consider investing less on it.

Cootree® QCY Wireless Earbuds, not a brand new product but has 4-star average rating on Amazon and costs less than $24, should be a good deal and quick fix for such need.

As expected, at this price point, the earbuds come with no surprise with the packaging. It is extremely simple and minimal. Certainly, that’s not something we want to focus on.

What’re in the box includes a pair of Cootree® QCY Wireless Earbuds, a Micro-USB charging cable, User’s Guide, as several pieces of in-ear buds with different sizes. Again, no surprise but get the job done. One of the downside is the length of the charging cable which is around 17cm only. You may need a longer one if you want to plug onto wall charger and put the earbud on a desk instead of hanging it there.

Pairing has been easy. Press and hold the power button on the right earpiece with the “C” logo (called the MFB button) until Red and Blue LED light flashes alternatively. You will also hear “Pairing” voice in the earbuds in case you have already put it on before pairing with your device.

Then go to your Apple Watch, Settings, Bluetooth and let it search until you see Cootree 240 available for pairing under device. Tap on it and when you see connected, you are good to go. More importantly, you have to choose the Source from Apple Watch and AirPlay to “Cootree 240” in the Force Touch Menu in the Music App.


Control is easy and intuitive. You can power it on or off by pressing the MHB button for 3 seconds until you see blue LED flashes or goes off. The volume up and down button not only can control the volume, but also can skip the music back and forth.

Flipping open the cap with the Micro USB icon on it you can reveal the charging port. The LED will turn firm blue when fully charged.


The sound quality is fairly good, which could be more than you have expected at this price level. Output is clear and crisp with good amount of base but not overwhelming. Noise cancellation has been well done with the in-ear design. The earbuds stay firm in your ears as well, although it may look a little but bulky (and weird) the shape externally.


Overall speaking, the Cootree® QCY Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds is a good deal and companion with your Apple Watch, no matter you really do the workout or not by taking these 2 devices with you. Really nothing to lose to give it a try. You can now purchase Cootree® QCY Bluetooth 4.1 Wireless Earbuds right away on Amazon for $23.99.

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