Participate in selfie challenges with Selfiest

Selfiest for iPhone is a brand new app launched in the App Store that aims at creating a selfie social sharing network among iPhone users. Thanks to the developer, I was able to get the pre-released version and tried out some of the main functions of the app. The main features of the app include:

  • Weekly selfie challenges
  • Vote for the best photos and become a winner
  • Weekly and monthly rankings
  • Stats for fans, likes and posted selfies

The user interface is quite intuitive. You can easily access the menu by swiping from the left to bring it up. From there, you can switch among the views including your profile, challenges, statistics, settings, etc.

One of the major buttons is the camera button that you can’t do any selfie with it. You can use either the front-facing camera or the rear camera to take the shot. The dimension of the photo is limited to a square cutting.

There are a number of adjustments you can do with the selfie photo that you have taken. You can add filters, change focus, add frames and stickers, enhance the photo with 5 preset modes such as portrait, food, scenery, etc, crop, change color temperature, splash, add drawings and texts, remove redeye, whitening…and more.

The meat-and-potatoes of the app is selfie sharing and contest. You can search users by tags or simply browse through the selfies globally, within your country and people nearby in the Search & Discover tab. Tabbing on the selfie will take you to the user’s profile page where you click to be a fan or flip through his or her selfie photos.

Besides checking what’s up around, more importantly, how good the selfies are, that you and your friends or community have taken. In the Ranking tab, you can see how popular and loved that all these selfie pictures are.

Another major feature that the app aims at bring to users is Selfie Challenges. You can vote on the selfies in the contests, giving thumbs up or down, before it is closed and check back the result when it’s done. I really look forward to seeing how this will go after launch.

The last thing that I want to touch on is about you. You can check your profile any time, updating info or profile pictures by going to the menu on the left hand side and click Profile. From there, you can also access your Statistics page where you can find graphical reports on number of Fans that you have sorted by gender and location, Likes, Selfies, etc.

To be honest this app brings a really cool idea that sort of catches up with trend that people take more selfies that ever before. Again I really look forward to seeing how far it can go after the app and service go live.

Selfiest – Selfie challenge app with photo fx editor to take, edit & share selfies on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook is now available on the App Store for absolutely free without any In-App Purchases. Let me know what you think about this new app in the comment section.

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