Overcast Apple Watch App redesigned with up-next controls

Popular Overcast podcast app pushed a new update since its Apple Watch app released about a month ago that brings a new design with up-next controls.

In the version 1.2.1 or before, there is quite a large amount of space left blank or filled with oversized buttons and thumbnails. The new design fully utilizes the real estate of the Apple Watch and puts a very welcomed feature – displaying and controlling up-next downloaded podcasts.

It shows up to 2 upcoming podcasts that you can skip your currently playing at anytime and straightly jump to the next one by tapping on the thumbnails next to your currently playing podcast. The change also applied to the Glances view as you can see below. Of course, tapping on the podcast thumbnails in Glance will bring you to the app instead. This could be a limitation by the SDK or rules set by Apple.

What was not mentioned in the change log is that there is a new button added in the menu that you bring up when doing a Force Touch. The new Podcasts button is a shortcut that will take you to the list of podcast that you subscribe right away without killing the app and starting over again. This is a very handy feature if you want to quickly look for or switch to other downloaded podcasts you have.

Additionally, the update also improved with faster launching and I did notice a slight speed improvement in loading. Not sure how you think but I really love the new features in the update. Let me know in the comments!

You can download Overcast for free on the App Store.

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