Take location-based notes on Apple Watch with WhereNote

WhereNotes for iPhone and Apple Watch is a decent productivity app that allows you to quickly jot down and record your thoughts at specific places you visit. For instance, to remember a location of a restaurant, you can take a photo of the front door, menu, jot down what you ordered and which one is your favorite, record audio of the music that the band has played, all within the same note.

In the iPhone app, there are quite a number of features that you can enjoy for free:

  • Add text and images that associated with specific places
  • View and search for notes nearby using a list or map view
  • Rearrange notes to put most important items at the top
  • Add audio recordings, checkboxes, and counters
  • Quickly copy and paste note items between apps
  • All information is kept private on your iPhone

On the Apple Watch app, you can:

  • Use your voice to create and dictate notes
  • See notes and photos that are closest to you
  • See the first note from the nearest place in Glance view
  • Add recent photos from your iPhone
  • Use Handoff to quickly continue an activity on your iPhone
  • Locate each place using a zoomable map
  • Tap to edit counters and checkboxes
  • Enable notifications to receive an alert when near a place



With an $4.99 In-App Purchase, which is a bit steep to be honest, you can “upgrade” to premium features including sharing full notes with other users, pinning frequently-used notes to the top of your list, receiving notification when you arrive at a specific place, backing up and restoring data with iTunes File Sharing, etc.

If taking location-based notes is something within your daily workflow, WhereNote is definitely one of the best choice and the IAP will worth the bucks if you utilize it. If not, it won’t go wrong to give it a try for free and download from the App Store today.


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