Log your income and expenses from the wrist with Spendio

I spend money almost everyday, at least for dining out near the office but except lazy weekends. I know there has been a number of apps that allows you to quickly record your spendings from the Notification Center Today Widgets. But wouldn’t it be better if you can do it right from your Apple Watch that could save you like half of the time that you do on iPhone? Spendio – Spending Tracker for iPhone and App is a simple but powerful app to give a try.

Spendio’s Apple Watch App provides users with intuitive way to record your incomes and transactions. Simply start by tapping on either of the “plus signs”. Pick the category you want to log into and input the amount. Super simple.

Want to view recent records of the month? Simply going back to the first screen with the back button on the top left hand corner, and then tap on the Recents button.

spendio apple watch 1

With a number of preset categories, you can easily pick what you need for the income and expenses that you want to record. However, if you want to add more and manage the categories of expense, you need to pay for $1.99 in order to unlock the Full version, which includes Repeat, Unlimited Wallets and Manage Categories.


The iPhone app is well designed too. You can easily view your recent transactions on the dashboard in the Recent tab. On another hand, the Report tab gives you a beautiful graphical view of your current balance of the month.


Here is the official list of major features of Spendio:

  • Work perfectly on both iPhone & Apple Watch
  • Create Wallets to separate transactions
  • Elegance Chart & Report
  • Add custom category with tons of icon
  • Set repeat of transaction, like salary or pay debt, for instance
  • 17 different currency symbol
    You can download Spendio for free and unlock the Pro features for just $1.99.


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