Heg1ra jailbreak has been proven to be fake

Again, the so-called Heg1ra jailbreak, that created some sort of hype over Twitter, has admitted that they are actually fake, like many others that we have seen recently. Well, never lose hope to a possible jailbreak! A new jailbreak team called Heg1ra came up last night from Hong Kong that claimed to have a workable […]

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Apple Watch Apps

Perform calculations on Apple Watch with Calcbot

Calcbot, namely the best integrated app for calculator and unit converter, has pushed an update version 2.1 to the App Store that brings support for Apple Watch, right on time ahead of the launch day. You can perform basic calculations and conversions in the App. You can also calculate tips and split bills from there. […]

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[Megathread] My unboxing and reviews on accessories

Due to issue with AdWords terms and conditions, I decided to remove all the duplicated articles on my blog which I originally posted on Simonblog. This is a consolidated and running post that I attach the links to the original review articles in ascending chronological order. Zcan+ Scanner Mouse UAG Aero Case for iPhone 6 Olloclip 4-in-1 Photo Lens […]

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