38mm Apple Watch battery performance: A full day log

Followed by my previous post on 3 days experience with the Apple Watch, I want to do it again with detailed log on the interaction I had with the watch throughout a normal working day. I have the following settings that may differ from yours:

  • Normal brightness level
  • Muted
  • Activate on Wrist Rise turned on

In the 15-hour test, the battery life of my overnight-charged Apple Watch depleted for 81%, which is approximately 1% per 11 minutes. The battery life chart record and activity summary are as below for your reference. If you are interested in the full detailed usage log, here it is.

apple watch battery

  • 25 Time checks
  • 11 Incoming messages
  • 1 Incoming phone call
  • 8 “Time to stand!”
  • 8 Complete stand / Activity progress notifications
  • 4 Glances and app usage
  • 27 minutes disconnected with iPhone

There are plenty of usage patterns that you may have, and there are a number of ways to preserve the battery life in case you overused at a certain period of time. One thing that you may consider is turning down the brightness level of the screen. It did help me to have run much better battery life a few days ago with approximately 1% drain per 16 minutes.

Notably speaking, the 27 minutes disconnection with iPhone drained 8% of the battery life. You may have seen this claim somewhere but this is true. One of the major reasons I can think of is that the Apple Watch has been continuously scanning for your iPhone in the background that lead to a severe battery drain. So bear in mind.

What is your experience on the battery life of your Apple Watch? Let me know in the comments.

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  1. I get a feeling that the Watch idle isn’t far off what actual usage is. I had a day that I’d consider quiet and looked like your above usage and I ended on about 30% after 16 hours, then I’ve had days where I’ve at least doubled that usage, long message conversations with dictated replies and all sorts, yet I still ended on 30% after 16 hours.

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    1. Chan Xin says:

      I share similar feeling. Idling seems not helping preserve battery life much. If you see my previous post, I used a lot more than today but still have over 30% at the end of the day.


  2. Corey says:

    With modest usage (at least double what was tested here), I’m seeing about 15% battery remaining when I end my days – after about 15 hours of wear. On lighter days, I have upwards of 30% when I turn in for the night. I think the battery gets about the 18 advertised.

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  3. im4ch3t3 says:

    Reblogged this on im4ch3t3.


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