This is how the Apple Watch on a watchstand looks like, in reality

About a couple of weeks ago, I wrote a post about Apple Watch accessories. One of the top rated comments that I have on Reddit from /u/IndomitableBanana is that the promotional images for the watchstands all look attractive and function. Certainly, this is part of marketing to be appealing to potential customers.

Today, I received a low-cost, non-top-branded watchstand and want to quickly demonstrate to you how it looks like in reality when you attach the charging cable and place your Apple Watch on the stand in real situation, before you receive those pre-orders.

So the watchstand I got is a small size stand. It is made of plastic but the bottom part is quite heavy to make it very stable and balanced. The seat for the charging connector is not very deep. About 30% of the connector is above the surface of the top part of the watchstand.


But still, the magnetic connector is able to hold the Apple Watch is a perfect position.


The watch band shown in the photo below is M/L size Sport band is well rested on the base of the watchstand.


Here’s how the metal connector showcase. I could not quite get it working perfectly as the metallic surface is slippery on the polished plastic tray of the stand.

I have also pre-ordered a more premium watchstand and hopefully I can receive it next week. Once I received, I will do an unboxing and review on it and share with you. Stay tuned!

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