Thermo Diem tells you how it feels outside right on your wrist

Thermo Diem is a super minimalistic weather app for the Apple Watch that will show you how it feels outside compared to 24 hours ago. It compares today’s feels-like temperature powered by, taking into account the relative humidity, wind, dew points, and temperature with scientific formula, and compares it to how it felt yesterday. This is the most intuitive way to judge the way it feels outside today relatively to how it made you feel the day before.

Thermo Diem provides 7 simple outputs throughout the day:

  • Much Warmer
  • Warmer
  • Slightly Warmer
  • Similar
  • Slightly Cooler
  • Cooler
  • Much Cooler

Thermo Diem 2.0 is now available for the Apple Watch, which aims providing the simplest and most effective way for users to know how the weather feels like.Here is Thermo Diem in action on the Apple Watch:


There are also some new goodies brought from this update:

  • Added notification reminder to send to Apple Watch
  • Icon added to show current conditions
  • iOS 8 notification widget updated
  • Optimized all the things!

You can download Thermo Diem for free on the App Store. For more information, you can visit the official website of the app.

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