Heg1ra jailbreak has been proven to be fake

Again, the so-called Heg1ra jailbreak, that created some sort of hype over Twitter, has admitted that they are actually fake, like many others that we have seen recently. Well, never lose hope to a possible jailbreak!

A new jailbreak team called Heg1ra came up last night from Hong Kong that claimed to have a workable untethered jailbreak that will support iOS 8.2 or above, including the latest iOS 8.4 beta. In less than 24 hours they have already got more than 400 followers on Twitter.

The team has been teasing followers with some static pictures that shows Cydia icons on iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5C, etc. But it was yet able to provide a solid proof to the community especially those skeptical Redditors. But it does look more legit than the video that we talked about last night.

iPhone 6 Plus jailbreak

Throughout the day, the team tweeted frequently on the testing progress that they were carrying out on various devices including both iPhones and iPads. Here is a summary of the progress that they claimed to have made (all in HKT, GMT+8)

  • 03:35 – First tease on jailbroken iPhone 6 Plus, iOS 8.3
  • 03:42 – Tested iPhone 6, 6 Plus and iPad Air
  • 03:59 – Fix crashing errors with Cydia App
  • 14:03 – iPhone 5C jailbroken
  • 14:17 – Purchasing more testing devices
  • 14:18 – iPod in testing progress
  • 14:45 – iPhone 5s processor exploded due to overheating
  • 14:50 – Purchased 4 iPhone 5s and 3 iPad Minis for testing
  • 14:51 – Teased a tool to come allowing restoration without a PC
  • 15:05 – iPad Mini 2 and 3 jailbroken
  • 18:01 – iPhone 5 under test

They also promised to release proof videos on 3 different devices at around HKT 11pm. So that means there are still 4 hours to go. Not long that we can preliminary judgement on whether it is true or not. I will be updating on the video part here below once available.

In terms of ETA of the jailbreak tool, officially they did not provide a specific date but in one of the responses given, they are likely to push it out within this week:


Again, we still don’t know if it is legit or not. But are you believing this is a legit jailbreak to expect? Again, all we need is patience and time will tell the truth. If it turns into reality, definitely it will be a exciting weekend for all especially the Apple Watch owners struggling to give up jailbroken iPhones running on the old iOS 8.1.2.

Let me know what you think and stay tuned with this post for more live updates.

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