Enjoy CARROT’s humorous forecasts on your Apple Watch

A month ago, we introduced CARROT Weather that brings full feature interface and funny experience to users when browsing through weather forecasts. Today, CARROT Weather received a major update that brings in its Apple Watch App and many other new features that you will defintely love checking the hilariously twisted forecast on your wrist soon.

carrot weather apple watch

Here is a summary of what you can get from its Apple Watch App:

  • A unique, color-coded Glance interface
  • Quick summaries of the current, 24-hour, and 7-day forecasts on the main screen
  • Tap a section to pull up more details
  • Switch between locations with Force Touch.

Sounds cool, right? There are more features being added into the iOS in this update too!

  • New Gestures
    Swipe left or right on my nav bar to jump between saved locations at lightning speed. And you can also swipe down to show the local time for the displayed location.
  • New Secret Locations
    From Area 51 to Gotham, you’re going to have so much fun unlocking these amazing new secret locations. Plus, they now sync automagically via iCloud!
  • Other features including:
    – Wind speed unit toggle in settings screen.
    – “I’m Feeling Lucky” command.
    – Dew point in details screen.
    – Improvements to short-term and 24-hour graphs.
    – Tornados for everyone!

carrot weather 1.1

You can download Carrot Weather for $2.99 on the App Store (25% off).

[Source: Carrot Weather]

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