Interesting comments to the Chinese jailbreak teams

As we have limited update on the next jailbreak and are all waiting for a release from either the TaiG and Pangu team, there have been thousands of comments being made under their official Weibo accounts by Chinese supporters to the two jailbreak teams. I scrolled through them every day just in case there is a release. I did post some interesting comments that are written in Chinese on my Twitter and received quite a few requests to get those translated. So here are some recent ones that I selected to share with you:

  • In fact you don’t owe anyone anything. It’s your freedom to jailbreak. But can you just tell us if you are able to do so? If not, just say it and we won’t wait anymore. If yes but takes time, we can also understand.
  • I don’t jailbreak. But I knew that TaiG is famous for “picking up” exploits/vulnerabilities. They held the submit because Apple patched the exploits in iOS 8.2 and they wanted to talked about sharing the vulnerabilities (from foreign hackers) but failed to achieve. Don’t take on the job without the tool or skill.
  • Since all the jailbreak teams did not respond anything, would it be some big things going on? Or are they running out of ideas? Either death or breakout from silence.
  • Support the Pangu team to win the race against TaiG and prove to everyone they are capable to jailbreak on their own
  • TaiG has lost their Weibo account password so they cannot login and update the progress.

My feeling is 8 out of 10 people who keep on blaming on TaiG and Pangu is because of lack of visibility on the iOS jailbreak development progress and that the team are trying to turn people’s focus onto the security conferences.

They have also made it official that the rumors on some posts on 3K Forum that TaiG has got several vulnerabilities have been proved to be fake. The TaiG team will not make announcement on the progress at the discovery stage. Again, this is something “we shall see” instead.


The remaining portion, well, either impolite languages, or teasing on them as if they are no longer capable in releasing a jailbreak for newer version of iOS without “buying” exploits/vulnerabilities, i0n1c has been trying to prove. And now, it could be the time to prove on this. On our side, we should not be too harsh or complaining too much as the jailbreak teams released the tool to the public for free.

So what’s your take and speculation on the next jailbreak? Positive or negative? Let me know in the comments!

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