[Wrap-up] Here are what we know (not much) about the next jailbreak

Right after a week that iOS 8.3 has officially release, Apple has seeded iOS 8.4 beta 1 to developers today with a revamped Music App under spotlight. Yet, we have very limited news or updates on the progress of iOS 8.2 or 8.3 jailbreak from any of the jailbreak hacker teams. Here are what we know as of today:

      1. After the Mobile Security Summit held in Beijing at the end of March, the TaiG jailbreak team eventually did not release a jailbreak tool for iOS 8.2 as many could have expected and killed all rumours and led to great disappointment.
      2. On 1st of April, the TaiG team has publicly called for vulnerability submissions with reward. This could lead to skepticism from users on whether the team has run out of exploits to make a workable jailbreak for the public. Since then, there has been no any word on whether they are making a progress or not on either the vulnerability collection or the jailbreak development itself, unlike the evad3rs will show us a progress bard for iOS 7 jailbreak.
      3. iOS 8.3 has 39 security fixes and on 9th April, famous iOS hacker MuscleNerd again reminded users to stay away from this update, like is the old days of jailbreak. But again, there is no further word on this subject matter since then.
      4. The other jailbreak team from China, the Pangu team, has been unsettled with the German security expert Stefan Esser (aka @i0n1c) regarding region discrimination, trades on exploits, etc. However, in their blog post named Let the Truth Speak for Itself, they mentioned in the last paragraph that they ‘haven’t got time to test their exploits on iOS 8.3’, which hinted that they have something on hand but untested.
      5. A few days later, as a follow-up, one of the core members of the Pangu team, aka Windknown, has expressed thankfulness to all the supporters and in the meantime, said that they should work hard on coding then along with a giggling emoji. We have no clue on whether he is referring to a Work-In-Progress jailbreak, and whether or not it is really a teaser, there is nothing more left that we can do but wait patiently.

        pangu jailbreak ios8.3

      6. On the other hand, it is widely reported today that iOS 8.3 changed security settings to prevent file managers and transfer utilities from accessing app directories. From a general, normal person’s point of view, this does not sound like a good news in which it could be adding obstacles to getting a jailbreak completed unless a breakthrough achieved.

Today, I saw an interesting comment stating that, as both teams are not speaking any words on this matter, either they were basically finished there, or they are preparing for a big break-out and surprise. But under such a great pressure from many jailbreakers sending numerous messages onto their Weibo accounts, they still stay silence and this indeed leads to unlimited imagination on what’s going on behind the scene.

So what do you think about the iOS 8.2 or 8.3 jailbreak? Are you optimistic on it? Let me know what you think in the comments section below.


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  1. Vladimir says:

    This is a very good question that I like ) Apple with jailbreak . Firmware 8.2 I did not like because the battery ran down very quickly , At this point put 8.3 all normal . So I look forward to the release of JailBreak on this version and believe that he will be released. Good luck to our world hackers )

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  2. Janet says:

    Will a new approach to jailbreaking be possible in order to bypass Apple’s JailBlocks?


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