Popular podcast app Overcast shipped Apple Watch app and many highly-requested features

The very popular podcast player app Overcast has just pushed their update Version 1.2 to the App Store after beta-testing for over a month’s time. Certainly the big piece of cake is the Apple Watch App that the developer has been teasing us for quite a while with the tweet below. This could be very welcomed if you are like me listening to tech podcasts quite frequently every week:

In addition, there are quite a bunch of new and highly anticipated/requested features and enhancements being bundled in this major update. There are a few more options added into the app settings.


For instance Auto-delete-off option, and one of the best in my opinion – batch editing of podcast settings including notifications for new episodes and unlistened episode limits. Now you don’t have to go into each of your subscriptions back and forth to adjust these settings. It was an extremely painful initial setup process if you import over 50 podcast subscriptions like me.


You can also now delete or cancel downloads within a couple of taps in the Download interface.


For other performance, one of the biggest issue that I encountered is the volume boost feature. It is a nice to have in order to have a more crisp. But somehow, if you have ever used this paid feature, you will noticed that the sound quality is a bit sharp and unnatural sometimes. Now with enhancement of warm tone, significantly I feel more comfortable in listening to the podcast with my earbuds with this feature enabled.

Here is the full change log for Overcast version 1.2

– Now includes Apple Watch app, Glance, and notifications
– Automatic deletion of played episodes can now be disabled
– Warmer tone for Voice Boost
– Share episodes at specific timestamps
– Bulk editing of notification and episode-limit settings
– Cancel/Start All buttons in Downloads screen
– Hold down the 30-second-skip buttons to advance to the previous or next podcast

You can download Overcast: Podcast Player for free on the App Store.


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